Tent-mark Design will be available the stainless steel slim pegs

Tent-mark Design, a private brand of Japanese outdoor store Wild-1, has announced that its Stainless Steel Slim Pegs series of pegs will be available from autumn 2021. The stainless steel slim pegs are stainless steel pegs with lengths of 20cm, 30cm, and 40cm. The feature is that they are a little slimmer and lighter than Snow Peak’s long-selling Solid Stake series in Japan. Next is a comparison chart.

LengthSolid StakeStainless Steel Slim Peg
20cm12mm diameter (6mm tip) 75g8mm diameter 79g
30cm15mm diameter (8mm tip) 180g8mm diameter 119g
40cm15mm diameter (tip 10mm) 330g8mm diameter 156g
Comparison table

Slim products tend to be favored in Japan because of the small urban living environment and limited storage space.

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