Garage Camp Store

I visited Garage Camp Store in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. It’s a popular store filled with stylish camping gear such as the Zeku tent, which recently won a Good Design Award. I noticed that FLAME POD and the Luminoodle is sold in this store. FLAME POD and the Luminoodle were first launched on Makuake and then sold to the public. The FLAME POD is an LED lantern that reproduces the flickering flames and was a hit, selling 8.86 million yen. The Luminoodle is a unique rope-shaped LED light that can be used to decorate a site in a way that is different from others. In affluent Japan, while major camping equipment manufacturers such as Snow Peak, Logos and Coleman are leading the market, the desire to have a different kind of camping equipment is strong, and unique products have been a hit.

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